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One Minute TV feature
featuring companies supporting
employees with Autism

1x in Monday Lifestyle Shows 
Fresh Living, Good Things Utah, Studio 5 & The Place

on KUTV 2, ABC 4, KSL 5,
KMYU 12, FOX 13 & 

Highlighting Autism Friendly Jobs
during Lifestyle TV + Social Media

Companies need and want quality employees. According to research, job-related activities help reduce symptoms and increase daily living skills for people with autism. 

Autistic people are, in general, dependable, routinized, focused, detail-oriented, and passionate about their work. Many have outstanding technical and/or math skills. And quite a few are able to find unique solutions to problems that have eluded their more conventional colleagues.

It is the goal of Jobs of the Week to set aside a large portion of  TV features to highlight companies that are hiring people with autism the opportunity to explain why, and hopefully, encourage other companies to do the same. 

"Jobs Of The Week" are one-minute TV profiles of companies and their job opportunities hosted by veteran TV broadcaster Doug Jessop.


They air on SIX (6) TV stations covering all of Utah and parts of Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona and online at @dougjessopnews Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.


LATE NEWS: Sunday during 10 p.m. news on KUTV 2, ABC 4, KSL 5, FOX 13 and Monday during 7 p.m. news on KJZZ 14 and CW 30.



LIFESTYLE SHOWS: Monday on FRESH LIVING on KUTV 2, KMYU 12, KJZZ 14 plus GOOD THINGS UTAH on ABC 4 plus STUDIO 5 on KSL 5 plus THE PLACE on FOX 13. can air in other TV markets in the U.S. upon request

Please note that there is a charge for

TV production, airtime & social media for

"Jobs Of The Week." The pricing varies 

between Late News & Lifestyle programs.

You will also get a digital copy of the story

with rights to use it in your marketing.

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